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What you buy matters.With us takeastep towards responsible fashion.

Our mission is to create quality clothing that stays relevant,lasts long and inspires younger generations to make sustainable choices and become conscious consumers.


Quality cotton products to your door step!

Statement looks from UK to your closet

Our UK based design team puts together fresh ensembles every season.These are thoughtful, timeless pieces created keeping sustainability, fashion trends and your preferences in mind.

No colour fading

We use premium quality azo free dyes that seep in perfectly,do not bleed and retain the colour for as long as the fabric sustains.You no more have to part ways with your favourite outfit because it lost its glam.

No pilling

Fine quality,perfectly combed yarns are used to ensure there. is no pilling in the garments even after being rigorously used and washed multiple times.Use it like you own it. and don't worry,your shirt will be just fine.

No spirality

Our garments don't lose. shape.Special treatments and yarn twist techniques are used to keep the knits from torquing or spiralling so that you can cherish wearing your old t-shits like they were new.

No itchiness

From greige fabric to dyes to trims,all the materials used in our clothing are organic and safe for your skin.You will never have to worry about another rash because your garment failed you.


No compromise with the quality.

All our garments go throughastringent quality assessment process of certifications,Ph testing and needle testing.Every piece is thoroughly checked throughout the designing,manufacturing and packaging phase to ensure you get the best.

Sustainable Products

All the trims used are plastic and nickel free. Materials and dyes used are ethically sourced, Fairtrade,GOTS and OKEO TEX certified. Curated premium quality organic cotton and recycled polyester yarns are hypoallergenic, elastic,super breathable,andatreat for the skin.

Sustainable Packaging

We deliver your care packages in carefully curated recyclable mail boxes,with items put together with paper tapes and FSC tags.We are onamission to make our entire process completely biodegradable and sustainable.


We understand the importance of certifications and respect all environmental norms.In order to ensure our practices don't create any adverse impacts we strictly follow appropriate quality,environmental,sustainability and ethical standards whenever and where ever required.We have obtained multiple certifications for various processes and materials used throughout our supply chain to create what's best for the consumers,producers and the planet.


The Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS)is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres,including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. It covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from at least 70% certified organic natural fibres.


Oeko-Tex is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.Ifatextile article. carries the STANDARD 100 label,you can be certain that every component of that article,i.e. every thread, button and other accessories,has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health.

Mindful manufacturing

We avail the benefits of havingalocal supply chain that helps in minimizing our emissions big time.All the processes are carried out in our own dying plant and manufacturing unit based in India,using the best equipment and sustainable alternatives.Our qualified team has an experience of over 22 years in the space of garment manufacturing.We are very conscious about our zero-waste policy and ensure optimal utilization of all the cut outs and fabric scraps by repurposing them to create potli bags and hairbands that goes to NGOs.

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