DIY Crafts for Kids: Easy and fun craft ideas using materials commonly found at home

Arts and crafts are a fun activity for kids. Who doesn’t love indulging in easy DIY crafts for kids and dipping their hands into colorful paint and homemade materials to create elaborate and creative craft pieces? It is always a pleasure to be able to freely engage in this type of imaginative enterprise that can be done easily while sitting at home. Arts and crafts are some of the most commonplace among the myriad of ways to keep our lively and restless children entertained. But what’s even better about crafting is that it is not only extremely fun but also beneficial in more ways than you think.

Why DIY Crafts are Great for Kids

Handcraft for kids is suitable and useful for it offers many advantages that help them develop into well-rounded adults. The foremost and most obvious benefit is its impact on childrens’ gross motor skills. By engaging in craft work, children learn fine motor skills and adapt to deftly using their fingers and hands. This helps keep them focused and become more precise, a skill which will be useful as they grow up.

Additionally, crafting is a stress-buster due to its creative, dynamic nature. It allows children to express themselves through their own work. By having control over what they create, children’s self-esteem and self-confidence are boosted, which helps develop their self-worth. Thus arts and crafts are healthy for a child as they contribute to their development outside of practicing an artistic talent too.

Creativity and imagination are integral to cognition as well. A child’s cognition expands as they engage in ingenuity and form new solutions to common problems through their artistic and crafting endeavors. A child who is exposed to the arts develops a keen interest in innovation, self-development, and curiosity, which is integral to future success in whatever field they pursue. Hence, DIY crafting is a must-do for any child.

List of Easy and Fun DIY Craft Ideas

Kids are inattentive and get bored easily. They require new and complex problems every day. There are many different types of crafts for kids to do at home, all of which contribute to their innovation and artistry. We have compiled a list of such ideas for your children to explore.

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

A crown fit for a king or queen

Image Source:FirstPalette

This craft requires a paper plate, poster paints, and some decorations to add to the finished crown. Fold a painted paper plate in half, cut three slits to divide it into four sections, then unfold and cut two more slits to create eight wedges. Now you have a crown fit for a royal!


Image Source: The Kitchen Table Classroom

While paper vases can’t hold real water, they look majestic and beautiful. Create a colorful paper vase by painting the back of a paper plate, drawing a centered circle for the base, and making a few cuts. Fold and staple the flaps to form the vase, experimenting with base sizes for different shapes. 

Springy flowers

Image Source:Red Ted Art

Since your vase can’t hold real flowers or water, springy flowers can fill them up instead. You need a plate, paint, glue, a straw and scissors. Create vibrant paper plate flowers by cutting out various flower shapes and painting them in bold colors. Add fun details with lines, dots, and doodles, using the plate’s ridges. 


Image Source:Messylittlemonster

What better way to add color than a literal rainbow? A paper plate rainbow requires materials like paint in all the seven colors of the rainbow, glue, cotton balls and of course, the plate! Create a paper plate rainbow craft for toddlers by cutting a paper plate in half and painting it with rainbow colors. Lastly, attach a 2-inch strip of paper plate under the rainbow for support, then glue cotton balls to each end and trim excess paper plate. 


Image Source:EasyPeasyandFun

What comes out after the rainy shower along with the rainbow? A peacock! Create it by painting the tail green and the body blue on both sides of a paper plate. Cut a cupcake liner into eighths, color them yellow if needed, and draw blue spots. Once dry, glue these pieces around the plate's edge. Fold the body towards the tail.


Image Source:GluedToMyCrafts

To make a boat craft, cut a small paper plate in half and paint one piece brown. While it dries, glue blue paper squares onto painted light blue cardboard for the ocean. Fold a coffee filter into a sail and secure it with glue. Once the painted paper plate is dry, glue a popsicle stick to the center, then attach the plate and coffee filter sail to the cardstock. 


Image Source:LittleLadoo

Does your child like spooky decorations? Create a paper plate spider craft by cutting a 9-inch plate into two rings and a smaller circle, then dividing each ring into four pieces for legs. Staple these around the smaller circle to form the body. Paint the spider black and let it dry.  This craft is a fun and spooky project that's perfect for creative crafting sessions!

Rocket ship



Transform a paper plate into a rocket ship by painting it metallic silver or gold. Attach triangular fins made from colored paper, add a painted paper cup for the cockpit, and decorate with space-themed stickers for an out-of-this-world craft adventure!

Recycled Materials Crafts for Kids

You can engage in easy craft work for kids and save the environment! Here are some recycled craft ideas:

Toilet paper roll bird feeder

Create a simple bird feeder using a toilet paper roll. Cover the peanut butter and roll it in birdseed. Thread a piece of string through the roll and tie it at the top to hang from a tree branch. This DIY feeder provides a tasty treat for birds.

Accordion paper flowers

Transform scrap paper or wrappers into vibrant accordion paper flowers. Cut and fold paper into accordion shapes, secure the folds with double-sided tape, and assemble into a flower! These are beautiful and easy to make.

Window frame organizer

You can turn an old window frame into an entryway organizer by painting it and adding hooks for keys and small items. It adds a personalized touch to your home organization setup and is functionally appealing for your entry area.

Turning old CD into an Owl

Make a charming owl decoration using an old CD, scrapbook paper, orange paper for the beak, feathers, glue stick, scissors, a pen, and white craft glue. Trace and cut scrapbook paper to fit the CD, glue it on, and add an orange paper triangle for the beak. Attach feathers for wings and a tail, then finish with a googly eye using white craft glue. 

Water bottle flowers

Your kids can create charming flowers with water bottles by cutting off and drying the bottle ends, and then painting them inside. Glue-trimmed green straws to the back and affix yellow pom-poms to the center. Add cut-out green paper leaves to the straws. Now, you have pretty flowers!

Egg carton tree canvas

Transform an empty egg carton into a tree decoration on a canvas by painting the carton pieces green and attaching them with hot glue. Paint the tree trunk directly onto the canvas and add optional embellishments like painted apples or birds. Display your creation proudly as a delightful art piece!

Paper mache cup

Image Source:PillarBoxBlue

To create paper mache, mix flour and water to form a paste. Tear newspaper into strips and dip them into the paste. To craft a paper mache cup, inflate a balloon, tear newspaper into strips, and dip them in a flour-water paste. Layer the strips over the balloon, let it dry overnight, then remove the balloon and decorate your cup as desired.

Paper mache bowl

You can create a paper mache bowl too! Craft a decorative bowl with paper mache by layering strips of newspaper dipped in flour-water paste over a bowl or balloon covered in plastic wrap. Once dry, remove the mold, smooth the edges, and decorate to complement your decor.

Nature inspired crafts for kids

Teaching children about the joys of the natural world will help them appreciate the environment and be kind to animals and plants. Here are some nature-inspired crafts:

Pinecone flowers

Next time you go to a hilly station, collect pine cones and some twigs! You can transform them into beautiful flowers! First, paint the pine cones and twigs. Cut out leaves from painted scrap paper. Finally, use hot glue to attach a twig to a pine cone and glue leaves onto the stem. Display your creations in a vase!

Birds in a Nest

Image Source:FirstPalette

Make a cute bird's nest! First- paint a paper plate brown, then glue wiggle eyes and beaks on pom poms for baby birds. Once dry, decorate the plate with nesting material and nestle the baby birds inside.

Butterfly headband

Image Source:FirstPalette

Little girls will love this one! Draw and color a butterfly, add optional embellishments like rhinestones, and then cut and attach it to a construction paper strip to create a charming headband. Perfect for adding a playful accessory to any outfit!

Cupcake wrapper butterflies

Image Source:FirstPalette

Make cupcake wrapper butterflies using cupcake wrappers, pipe cleaners, and glue. Flatten and fold two wrappers, glue them together along the middle crease, and attach a folded pipe cleaner for the body and antennae. Open up the folds to create wings and add optional decorations like wiggle eyes or beads!

Nut shell snowman

Create a snowman using nut shells by gathering different sizes of nut shells. Glue the shells together, stacking them from largest to smallest to form the body. Decorate with paint, buttons, or small accessories to bring your nut shell snowman to life!

Nature inspired bracelet

One of the simplest yet most delightful nature crafts involves creating a bracelet using masking tape with the sticky side facing out. Adorn the bracelet with flowers, leaves, berries, and other natural finds to craft a beautiful and unique accessory.

Pressed Flower Bookmark

Image Source:LovelyIndeed

If your child loves to read- make this! Create a pressed flower bookmark by placing flowers between heavy books to flatten them. Arrange the pressed flowers on cardstock, laminate if preferred, and trim to size. Now you have a beautiful bookmark!

Rock paper weight

Collect big, round rocks. Paint them colorfully and don’t forget to add designs or patterns to the stones. Allow the paint to dry completely before optionally applying a coat of clear varnish for a glossy finish!

Everyday Household Inspired Crafts

You can also use everyday household items to make DIY crafts. These are numerous and quite easy to make! Some include:


Decorating glass jars

Image Source: Mod Podge

Turn glass jars into stylish décor by removing labels with soaking, preparing fabric by washing and ironing it flat, cutting to fit jars with overlap, adhering with craft glue, and decorating with ribbons, felt flowers, or buttons. This simple craft transforms recycled jars into charming decorative pieces for your home or the kids’ room!

Bag from old t-shirt

Image Source: Sandiego Gov

To make a bag from an old T-shirt, cut off the sleeves and neckline, then turn the shirt inside out. Use fabric glue or tie knots with fabric strips to close the bottom. Flip it right side out, and your tote bag is ready! Add straps from the sleeves or embellish as desired for a personalized touch! Your bag is stylish and unique.

Can pencil holder

Image Source: Grillo Designs

Transform a can into a vibrant pencil holder by cleaning and removing labels first. Paint it with your favorite color and let it dry completely. Decorate with designs for a personalized touch. Once decorated, it's ready to hold your pencils and brighten up your desk!

Wall hanging using old hanger

Turn a clothes hanger into a hanging art display with kids by letting them decorate it with paint or tape. Attach strings and help them hang lightweight crafts like paper butterflies or drawings. Adjust string lengths for balance and display their artwork proudly in a bedroom or play area.

Scrunchie with old socks

Image Source:Hello Sunny Day

To make a rubber band scrunchie with old socks using glue, cut a sock horizontally to create a tube. Apply fabric glue along one edge and press the other edge onto it to create a seam. Let it dry, then turn the tube inside out to hide the seam. Thread elastic through the tube using a safety pin, secure the ends together, and close the ends of the tube with more fabric glue!

CD or DVD Coasters

Recycle old CDs or DVDs by cutting them into small mosaic tiles. Use a strong adhesive to attach the tiles onto plain coasters or any flat surface in a mosaic pattern. Let it dry completely before using them as vibrant and unique coasters for your home.

Cereal box drawer organizer

Image Source: I Heart Organizing

Turn breakfast into a burst of creativity by repurposing cereal boxes into vibrant drawer organizers! Cut and customize the boxes with colorful paper or paint to match your style. These DIY organizers are perfect for tidying up kids’ messy drawers!

Children are creative balls of energy that are imaginative and require constantly new ideas. In a way, crafting is like its own adventure: a way for them to explore items and DIY in a way that shows their artistry! The end product helps them feel accomplished. As with DIY crafts helping children feel creative and imaginative, their clothes should reflect their zealous, enthusiastic spirit. And while kids craft and run about like kids tend to do, they also need to feel comfortable!

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