21 Top Children's Books: Age-Specific Recommendations and Reviews

Have you ever noticed how children get drawn in while reading a captivating story? The magic of reading assists young minds in discovering a universe of possibilities. This is incredibly vital for children- it not only fuels their imagination but also takes them to fantastical worlds. While reading, children encounter new words and sentence structures, which improves their language and paves the way for academic success. By strengthening a child's attention span, patience, and focus – reading nourishes them in lifelong ways. Perhaps most importantly, it inculcates a passion that will become a treasured hobby in adulthood.

For parents, it can be challenging and overwhelming to figure out what children like to read. There are just so many choices out there! This blog aims to provide recommendations for top children's books across various age groups, aimed at different interests and reading levels.

Popular Children's Books for Ages 0-3

Books for children at this age should not only engage but also stimulate their young minds. They can help in fostering a sense of wonder which helps a child fall in love with reading. A few famous kids' books for this age range include:

‘My First Library Boxset’ by Wonder House Books

This book stands out as a collection of board books that introduce a variety of significant topics to young children. Some essentials included are numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and fruits. The books come with boards on which beautiful illustrations in bright colors are drawn. These entice children, improve their observational skills, and expand their vocabulary. 

‘ABC Board Book for Kids’ by Dreamland Publications

Teaching children the alphabet can be tricky. This board book, with its shiny color, adorable visuals, and charming pictures is here to help. It is made out of board of the finest quality and is just small enough for kids to be able to handle it with ease. It is the perfect way to develop a child’s language skills and ensure they get a start above their peers in academic success.

‘Peek-A-Boo Sensory Book: Jungle’ by Skillmatics

This is a sensory book made out of cloth that is an immersive jungle journey. The book is designed with flaps that let your child peek at colorful animals found in forests and learn about nature by touching textures. The touch-and-play method will help teach the child about different animal features and characteristics. It develops language and cognition abilities, sensory vocabulary & motor coordination.

‘See, Touch, Feel’ by Roger Priddy 

This interactive board book for babies and toddlers utilizes sensory play to stimulate curiosity and get your child interested. Each page, with its textures and surfaces, entices the reader to touch and sense. There are raised areas, trails that can be felt with fingers, a shiny mirror to look into, and even a swirly shell belonging to a snail. By play-acting and immersing into the book, children will begin a sensory, literary adventure.

‘Where is Baby’s Belly Button’ by Karen Katz

This book utilizes interactive storytelling to acclimatize a child to the process of object recognition and answering questions. The protagonist, who is a baby, is meant to be highly relatable. The goal of the book is to find various body parts: such as the belly button, hands, or eyes, on the baby. Each of these is hidden under flaps, allowing the child to play around and have fun while reading.

Famous Kids Books for Ages 4-6

At this age, children's imaginations soar, as the desire for more exploration heightens. Books that cater to this age group (4-6) should ideally offer complex storylines. Clear beginnings, middles, and ends will keep young readers engaged and simultaneously introduce them to new concepts and vocabulary. What sets books for 4-year-olds and books for 5-year-olds apart is this complexity and level of detail. A few timeless classics include:

‘Animals Tales from Panchatantra’ 

This compilation of six stories from Panchatantra are derived from Indian folklore. They have been captivating Indian children for generations. Each story in this volume centers around various animals and are meant to impart moral lessons to help teach children how to be good humans. These classic stories are accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that help the child visualize the events and stimulate their imagination.

‘The Cat in the Hat’’ by Dr Seuss

This classic tale is told in rhymes. It follows a pair of siblings- a boy and a girl, who are bored alone at home. The titular protagonist- Cat in the Hat- appears and promises to make them have fun. However, as he attempts to do tricks to entertain them, he ends up creating a mess. The book is a lesson about trust and how children should not hide secrets from their parents.

‘Peppa Pig’s Super Noisy Sound Book’

This sensory book featuring the beloved cartoon character Peppa Pig is a sensory book featuring sound. It follows Peppa and her brother, George, as they explore animal sounds. Featuring 18 buttons, this book teaches children about the sounds that different animals make and is interactive. It’s the perfect thing to read if your child loves the iconic character and is fond of animals.

‘Winnie the Pooh’ by A.A. Milne

This is a beloved classic, which invites you to explore the whimsical Hundred Acre Wood alongside Winnie-the-Pooh. The protagonist is a bear with an endless love for honey and an amazing sense of wonder. The side cast of characters: the optimistic Piglet, the despairing Eeyore, and the enthusiastic Tigger – are equally cute. Through these fun animals, Milne's stories capture a portrait of friendship, loyalty, and happiness.

‘Things I Can’t See’ by Priyanka Agarwal Mehta

This non-fiction book is a unique way to introduce the topic of empathy to kids. It uses interactive storytelling to explain the concept of kindness and empathy. To do this, it employs various pictures of different characters with different emotions and prompts explanations for this behavior. This fun book delves into the causes behind various emotions in an understandable way and helps in the development of a child’s emotional intelligence.

Name of children’s Books for Ages 7-9

This age marks a major shift in a child's reading preferences. As their language skills blossom, they look for fictional adventures that challenge them. Books for kids should offer a delightful blend of reality and fantasy. Some good ones include:

‘Grandma’s Bag of Stories’ by Sudha Murthy

This novel follows a group of grandchildren who go to their grandparents’ village for the summer vacation. Their grandma, who they call Ajji, tells them fantastical stories which are documented in this book. Each story is innovative, funny, and has a moral to it. This is a great escapist book that children will love due to its immersive setting and ascription to family values. Replete with stories of hidden treasures, scorpions, royals as well as monkeys- this book has something for everyone!

‘If I can dream it, I can do it’ by Sonalika Publications

This nonfiction collection of real inspirational tales features fifteen people who have made an impact on society in numerous fields. It is meant to encourage children to stand up against injustice or just follow their dreams in general. Each of the fifteen features has made massive contributions to social welfare. Those who believe in the beauty of their dreams shape the world- that is the guiding principle of this novel. This is a great forerunner for children who will become passionate adults one day.

‘Stuart Little’ by E.B. White

This delightful story follows the extraordinary life of Stuart, who is a courageous mouse born into a human family in New York City. He co-exists with the humans. White’s story masterfully blends everyday life with fantastical elements, allowing Stuart to navigate the world alongside his human family. For instance, he drives a miniature car. Woven into this heartwarming tale are timeless themes of friendship, love, and self-confidence. It has a lesson about the power of believing in the impossible.

Fauja Singh Keeps Going by Simran Jeet Singh

This book tells the true story of Fauja Singh, the oldest man who ever finished a marathon. This is an inspirational lesson about the significance of hard work and believing in oneself. At the age of 81, Fauja ran his first marathon and ran until he was 100 years old. He broke records and proved that no age is old enough to follow one’s dreams. Children will learn how determination and strength can become motivators to achieve seemingly impossible things.

‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton

Many generations have grown up reading tales of the Magic Faraway Tree. This novel follows children Joe, Bet, and Frannie as they climb up to the top of the Faraway Tree. The top has new lands every day and the children explore them along with their friends who are residents of the tree- the Saucepan Man, Moonface, and Silky the Fairy. Each of these lands is bound to fascinate and enchant the readers, who will delve into the book due to its addictive writing. Parents can join in to experience some nostalgia!

Best Books Kids of Ages 10-12

This age group represents a transition between simple childhood tales and the more complex concepts of young adult literature. Best books for kids aged 10 and up should offer a satisfying conclusion, with captivating plots and characters that resonate with their developing sense of self.  Ideally, books for children around age 12 should explore deeper emotions. Some good ones include:

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by JK Rowling

The first in the world-famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, this book follows eleven-year-old Harry Potter, an orphan who discovers he is a wizard. He escapes his dreadful life with his horrible relatives and embarks on a thrilling adventure at the magical school Hogwarts, where he meets two loyal friends, Ron and Hermione. Together, they unravel secrets, face challenges, and confront a dark force that threatens the wizarding world. The Harry Potter series, consisting of seven books, is a gripping fantasy that will appeal to all age groups.

Malgudi Days by RK Narayan

This is a collection of short stories set in the fictional town of Malgudi in South India. It masterfully shows the everyday lives of its diverse inhabitants. It does so through the simple yet profound narratives of simple yet profound narratives, Narayan explores themes such as human relationships, social customs, and the intersection of tradition and modernity in Indian society. Each story has wit and humor. The book is a bit more complex than the traditional moralistic story and is great to dive into for this age group, who are developing independent thoughts.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

This story follows Matilda, a smart child, who grows up in a woefully neglectful family. When she goes to school, she encounters her sweet teacher, Miss Honey, and the oppositely bully headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. Matilda then develops extraordinary powers and is able to fight against injustice. This witty, classic tale is imbued with Roald Dahl’s signature humor and explores the themes of found family, standing up for oneself, and the extraordinary power of children.

The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

This book tells the story of a boy who is traveling alone on a train in India. Along the journey, he encounters various people while enjoying the scenery passing by. It vividly captures his excitement and thoughts about life during this adventurous trip. Bond's writing expertly portrays the journey while capturing the charming naivete and exuberance of youth. The narrative paints a convincingly nostalgic and picturesque portrait of train travel in India, highlighting the beauty in unpredictability.

‘Sunita Williams: A Star in Space’ by Aravinda Anatharaman

The story of Sunita Williams, an Indian woman who holds the world record for the longest spaceflight by a woman, is an interesting read. Originally, Sunita wanted to be a veterinarian, but fate had other plans and she ended up becoming an astronaut. She was courageous and hardworking. This heartening tale will uplift readers, especially young girls, to follow the paths destiny lays out for them and work hard to become successful.

You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed 

This is a motivational book for kids, showing that anyone can succeed with hard work, practice, and an optimistic mindset. With the help of historical examples like Mozart and Serena Williams, it teaches that talent is developed, not born. This advises kids to be resilient, learn from mistakes, and believe in themselves. The author, who is a successful Olympic athlete, teaches young girls and boys practical advice to improve in anything they set their mind to: a sport, math or even studying! This helps in boosting self-confidence.

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